Ex-Tibetan Buddhist on Tibetan “Lamaism”, a Thousand Year Old Cult of Thought Control


I  spent 30 years inside the cult of Tibetan Lamaism believing I was a student of Buddhism,   and a non-theist   on my way to the realization of a higher consciousness , more compassionate and free. This is what all western Tibetan Lamaist Buddhists believe.  What I was actually  becoming  was a slave to the Tibetan Lamas, who had convinced me, rather quickly, using standard cult thought control techniques, that had been successful for over a thousand years in Tibet,  that their doctrines and teachings and methods,   so admired by the Khans,  was superior to all others. As  supra human beings ,  unselfishly reincarnating again and again and,  as great  bodhisattvas,  they have only  entered the human realm to save the world. That is what all western Tibetan Lamaist/Buddhists believe, in fact.  It is what I believed eventually, and I was a well-educated person and rational  person who thought logically and had a successful career and was not prone to religious trappings since  twelve years old,   before entering the cult of the Tibetan Lamas. Being well-educated was no protection from the Lamas mass hypnosis.  Most western Tibetan Lamaist Buddhists are well-educated .  They Lamas have purposely sought out the well-educated and influential in Western society to spread their theocratic, priestly fundamentalism under many guises, and many well known scholars continue to remain under the thrall of the Tibetan Lamas, and become their proselytizers, recruiters, apologists and fanatic defenders.

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